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We live in a time of great modify and upheaval; this much is particular, and not much else. With each wave of scientific advancement, industries are disrupted and lives, changed. In largely loaded towns, communities become ever more fragmented and urban loneliness raises its unpleasant head. Pleasure never been simpler to accomplish with all our contemporary affluences at our fingertips; but our modern afflictions make our wellbeing ever more elusive. Within our unrelenting search for the great living, it is simple to overlook whatever really matters: a purposeful life, meaningful relationships, a peace of mind. However, what excellent are the riches and technology in the world if they can not offer us pleasure? At Guoco Midtown, cultivate a real and enduring sense of wellbeing by seeking to the wisdoms of yesteryear and establishing them for the future. Recall the delights to be part of a thriving community whenever you interact with the others in a tradition of understanding, playing, working, and living together. Stay your best living in a carefully developed setting wherever flexible spaces, considerable gentle, and quality resources assume your every need. Amidst the bustle and bustle of the area, come home and find ease in your personal sanctuary of green along with your family. The newest person in the Guoco Midtown family, Midtown Modern encourages you to enjoy most of the conveniences of downtown living while remaining attached to nature. Set down sources in this rich yard home at the heart of the town, and develop into a the main dynamic Guoco Midtown community. At Guoco Midtown, modify is not really a thing to be anticipated, since it’s been expected and catered for. Every sq inch of the mixed-use development in the active town has been made with versatility in mind. From residences to company tower and system link, every room has the ability to grow and evolve having its users’needs. On the job system, GuocoLand’s variable leasing style and multipurpose network link encourage commercial tenants to respond nimbly to economic winds of change. At their residences, adaptable living spaces and a rich variety of distributed services usher in a brand new era in public residing, to manage people a future-forward perspective of luxury. When the only constant is modify, the easiest way to prepare yourself is to make room for the unpredictable. At Midtown Modern , not merely is the potential protected – it is also one wherever your family’s wellbeing may flourish. Be a part of Guoco Midtown and its redefinition of contemporary luxurious: relate solely to character and neighborhood while keepin constantly your finger on the whipping pulse of the city. At Midtown Modern , your happiness is yours to shape.In a neighbourhood teeming with skyscrapers of glass and cement, the warm tones of Midtown Modern’s twin residential systems stay out of the pack. Its responsive, down-to-earth construction promises a cosy garden house within. Inside, rustic rock and masonry await amidst a forested garden. A resort-like urban refuge unfolds. “Living in the city is desired for its conveniences, but that you do not often have large green areas to escape to. This is exactly why we have produced a huge garden that people may luxuriate in only at Midtown Modern ,” says Cheng Hsing Yao, Party Handling Director of GuocoLand. The lush, vast landscape on the third-storey yard is just a important function of Midtown Modern. Here, a heavy cover of woods and naturalistic landscape functions supply a respite for the senses. This expanse of green models Midtown Modern aside within an downtown section therefore largely populated. A large lawn region beckons kids to play, while numerous picturesque spots ask calm and restoration into busy lives. Home runs beyond the residence home when you are a Midtown Modern resident. Discover the development’s many frequent places, and change it to suit your living, functioning, and entertainment needs. Utilize the lush, hotel-like foyer as an additional workspace or meeting lounge, and study or meditate in the zen-like backyard pavilions. Sponsor your supper party or wine sampling in the club and rooftop pavilions of the Backyard Deck and rooftops, aided by the generous range of kitchen gear there. With an area for every situation and every resident, Midtown Modern’s variable frequent areas accommodate your every need. Options to build a warm community of your abound at every part, whether it’s over watching football with other citizens at the activities bar-themed pavilion, or conference other small parents at the child-friendly reception enjoy space. GuocoLand’s resource-efficient and community-minded method towards urban design pre-empts the ongoing future of city living by stimulating areas of small families and working experts to blossom together. In embracing these more sustainable means of residing, the Midtown Modern ecology is certainly one of an improved tomorrow. Given now of rapid ecological modify, a advanced house can be the one that helps to safekeep today’s earth for future generations. Midtown Modern’s progressive natural characteristics optimise the management of the entire residential environment, from power to water and spend, greenery to light and chilling systems. Having its sister jobs Midtown Bay and Guoco Midtown both Artist’s Effect given Natural Mark Prize (Platinum) from the Developing and Structure Authority (BCA), Midtown Modern homeowners are in the nice fingers of eco-conscious sustainability experts. And when you opportunity out into Guoco Midtown, the considerable system of underpasses and sheltered pathways join you to the city and the more beyond. Celebrate an event of the city wherever vehicles are no more a necessity. With the conveniences within this walkable town, and MRT lines that join you to the remainder of Singapore, you may be section of a greener future. At Midtown Modern , the long run is already here.
Roof Gardens Karstic Maximum Gardens on both systems present spectacular beautiful opinions of the city. Four pavilions built with home services for various styles of cooking get this to an ideal area for entertainment. Gardens in the Woods Have a full suite of residential features amidst ten various backyard landscapes, beginning the trademark GuocoLand Great Garden to the Fall Wood. Birth Lay, Birth Plaza and Retail An impressive arrival lay welcomes you straight back home. The hotel-like lay may function as a place for work or conferences with company associates. Situated close to it are cool eateries, retail stores and community plazas. Underground Pedestrian System Make your solution to different developments in the vicinity easily and safe from the elements through the incorporated undercover pedestrian network. Direct Usage of Bugis MRT Interchange The East-West Range (EWL) and Downtown Point (DTL) give easy link with attractions, prestigious colleges and work centres.

Midtown Modern starts at the birth lounge. The temper in that high-ceilinged reception changes as time passes, shaped by the mild that emanates through the glass elevator shaft. Brilliant and cheery in the day, the halls change calmer and more personal as sunset approaches. At counterpoint, the plaza stores pulsate with flow and living each day, maintaining a regular excitement in the atmosphere.

GRAND LAWN The substantial landscape on the Stage 3 gardens involves, amongst a full suite of amenities, the remarkable Great Lawn. Here, start every day with yoga, or view your children work free. TEAHOUSE Appreciate utter tranquility and contemplate character from the air-conditioned comfort of the purpose-built Tea House. Spend time with wonderful company while seeking out to a tranquil lily pond. HOT SPRING & JACUZZI Two therapeutic pools nestle in just a rainforest-like landscape, where you are able to luxuriate in the hot spring, or choose a bubbling jacuzzi to calm your sore muscles. 50M LAP POOL Within the lovely Summercourt Yard is definitely an tempting 50-metre lap pool, surrounded by trees planted close to the water’s edge, so you can move temps underneath lush outspread canopies. CLUBHOUSE & GYM The Clubhouse comes with a enviable range of home appliances to help you number lively and unforgettable events, whilst the Fitness center is fitted with state-of-the-art conditioning equipment G L AY PAV I M I E D Following an energising sport of golf, adjourn easily to the Perform Pavilion, which posseses an really big tv screen for passionate sports supporters to view matches together. ROOF PAVILION Top Pavilions come built with integral kitchens, for quick preparation of Asian and Western meals. Enjoy Japanese teppanyaki or Chinese cuisine, with a breathtaking view of the city. Through Midtown, develop to show a new means of residing, a fresh method of being, that sets wellbeing at the front during these complex times.

Well-placed at the intersection of the Town Hall, Marina Center and Bugis districts, Guoco Midtown has an exciting array of alfresco food possibilities, looking conveniences and everyday amenities which can be enhanced by the vibrancy of their higher neighbourhood. People plazas of Midtown Backyard, Midtown Market and Midtown Square present unrivalled comfort at the doorstep of Midtown Modern with their curated choice of retail and F&B experiences. From bustling industry bazaars to unique festivals, people of most ages are destined to be energised by the hive of activities that new social center of the town can play variety to. Beyond the exciting block degree of the Guoco Midtown district, people can also take complete benefit of the increased walkability that this progress brings to the greater neighbourhood. From Bugis Junction to Marina Square and actually the National Gallery Singapore, the intensive subterranean and expense pedestrian networks build easy connection that people may enjoy on the day-to-day commutes and week-end city explorations. Wherever one seeks an evening of national amusement, worldclass institutions like Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay are merely a go away. Looking malls and eating locations offer wealthy range in the area, catering to the lifestyle wants of the fashionable urbanite. From local eateries in shophouses to avant-garde artwork galleries, this multi-faceted neighbourhood is really a prize chest of gems awaiting to be discovered. The national enclave of Kampong Glam, with its unique culinary choice and separate local boutiques, sits across the corner. A short get away via the Downtown Point, colorful local areas of Chinatown and Small India teem with energetic sights, sounds, choices and smells. Complementing the immense walkability of the area is an extensive public transport system that joins residents to the Main Company Area and the rest of Singapore. Midtown Modern not just sits upon Bugis MRT interchange – it can also be within walking range to three other MRT programs, creating cars a choice that sustainability-minded citizens do not need to depend on.

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🚆2 Existing MRT Lines Right Downstairs
🍃Dedicated 80% Landscape and Facilities Coverage
💝You Can Only Imagine What’s the Upside Potential at Such Attractive PSF

🔥1BR FR $1.611M | 409sf
🔥1BR(B) FULLY SOLD | 474sf
🔥2BR FULLY SOLD | 592sf
🔥2BR(B) FULLY SOLD | 635sf
🔥2BR(P) FULLY SOLD | 721sf
🔥3BR FULLY SOLD | 904sf
🔥3BR(P) FULLY SOLD | 1066sf
🔥4BR FULLY SOLD | 1442sf
🔥4BR(P) FR $6.327M | 1808sf

✅ Right Above Bugis MRT Interchange!
✅ Resort Sanctuary In The City!
✅ Unveiling An Ultimate Work-Live-Play Concept!
✅ Breathtaking Views of Marina Bay and City!
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